Amy Rainbow - Writer and Poet

Photograph by shani stocker – shstuk@me.com

Amy Rainbow lives in a sparkly home which she built for herself beyond the Malvern Hills. Her hobbies include hula hooping, stargazing, exploring the countryside and eating vegan cake. She plays accordion, and will one day do it well.

A qualified teacher and philosopher, Amy is always happy to share her observations on life, the universe and everything, for a very reasonable fee. Having worked in various settings with young people, she now supports university students with specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia, and is an Associate of The Dyslexia Guild.

Amy’s life’s ambition is to introduce iambic pentameter as Britain’s new universal dialect, and she will not rest until this dream is achieved. Or until her usual ten o’clock bedtime, whichever comes first.

‘That’s the best poem I’ve ever seen… and I’ve got a library card!’ – John Cooper Clarke.


Amy reciting ‘Playing With Fire’ at the 2011 Juggling Convention.