‘That’s the best poem I’ve ever seen…and I’ve got a library card!’
– John Cooper Clark.


‘Superb. Well done. I very much enjoyed your homage to Hilaire Belloc.’
– Attila the Stockbroker.



‘Hilarious. Not at all Pam Ayres.’– Fergus McGonigal, Vogon poet and lawnmower expert.

‘Stunningly written. Absolutely fantastic.’ – Deborah Haynes, social scientist.

‘A pearl of a poet with a string of polished, luminescent and glad poems popping out of her naked sleeve.’ – Adrian Mealing, wise man and poet.

‘Bordering on the bawdy and bursting with humour.’ – Ralph Tittley, SLAP Magazine.

‘Yes, yes, yes and YES. LOVE THIS.’ – Peter Siviter, jazz pianist.

‘Awesome.’ – Shani Stocker, biologist.

‘Brilliant writing. It don’t get no better!’ – Neil Collins, grammar expert.

‘Fantastic. Witty, insightful and touching.’– Li Bames, student.

‘Excellent.’ – Richard Oak, unicyclist.

‘Naughty but nice. What a way with words.’ – Suzi Glantz, quantum fairy.

‘Splendid stuff!’ – Claire Knights, knitter.

‘Fabulous.’ – Tania Ling, payroll officer and domestic goddess.

‘Amazing.’ – Mike Butler, juggler

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  1. Auntie says:

    This poetry is clever, charming and witty. My guess is that the artist comes from an extremely intelligent family.

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